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Dear Friend,

Are you tired of hitting the bars, going to community groups, or wasting hours online looking for a woman you want?

Is it a long, slow process, of you meeting a girl, thinking of what to say, getting the number, calling, getting voicemail, getting the date, then hoping to get a kiss on one of the dates to follow? 

It used to be that way for me.

Growing up, I was not exactly “The Stud” with women.  I didn’t have a girlfriend in either high school or college, didn’t have any kiss outside of a dare until I was 19, and didn’t start getting regular second dates until I was 21.

It was a slow process for me.  I read countless books on the subject, attended seminars conducted by the top dating gurus of the world, and networked with guys that pulled girls home from the bars every night.

It helped... somewhat.

I was getting some more dates, a kiss in a bar every now and then, but I wasn’t even close to being even “average” with women.  Why was it taking so long for me?

I was told it would take a long time to get to the level I wanted to be at.  Thousands of approaches.  4 nights a week of being out until 2 am.  It was exhausting.  Could all this madness be worth it?  There had to be a shortcut.

And I found it...  the shortcut.

Jewish online personals. 

Want to know how I did it?

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These weren't just any online personals.   I tried, Eharmony, Matchdoctor, and all the rest and maybe got a date from a 250 pound sumo queen if I was lucky.

Jdate was different.  The women were smarter, more educated, classier.  And the site had some extra features that made all the difference in the world.  I concentrated on everything I had learned from the seminars, books, and approaches I had done, and realized I had all the skills I needed to succeed on Jdate.  I didn’t have to send a million emails out to get 10 back, and I could consistently talk to a girl online and get her at my place the next afternoon for a date that’s costs almost nothing!

What happened then?

I was like the kid in the candy store!

5 dates a week, sometimes 2 dates a day.  It was a revolving door of women.  I couldn’t keep their names straight.  I had a system so locked down that if got a girl through every planned step, I would be kissing her within 30 minutes of meeting her face to face.  None of this “wait like a gentleman” nonsense, I was done being a gentleman!

I don’t know if you’ve been on Jdate before or were just thinking about trying it out, but I think it’s fair to dissolve some myths about the whole Jewish online dating scene.

Myth 1:  Jdate only has “Nice Jewish Girls” that want to have long term relationships or get married.

Truth:  Far, far, FAR from true!  Whatever type of girl you’re looking for, Jdate has it.  If you want a nice Jewish girl to have a loving relationship, you will find her.  If you want sex-starved older woman looking for young blood, you’ll find plenty of those too.  Even women who come onto Jdate looking for a husband will want to have a few fun stops along the way, so don’t let that “looking for marriage and children” tag on any woman’s profile stop you.

Myth 2:  Jewish women on these sites want rich guys who can take them out to fancy dinners and shows.

Truth:  Women on Jdate get taken out to dinners and drinks all the time by nice but needy guys who hope for the best.   Usually, those “gentlemen” go home horny and lonely!  The guys who do well with Jewish women online structure their dates in a way that lets them and their dates get to know each other very well and very quickly, without spending more than a few bucks!

Myth 3:   All women care about is the picture they see in your profile.  You need to be hot to get hot girls on this site.

Truth: You DO need a good looking photo.  What you don’t need is to be a studly looking guy yourself.  Listen, I hate to be the one to break this to you, but you are not your picture!  Your picture is merely a capture of a moment in your life.  You have hot moments and not so hot moments.  I will teach you how to capture your hot moments so women want to be a part of them as well too.  I went from a 5.5 to an 8.5 on with a little practice and training.  You can too.

Myth 4:  It’s such a long process to go from looking at a profile to actually meeting in person.  People need time to email each other back and forth, instant message, and talk on the phone before it feels safe enough to meet in person.

Truth: Yeah right!  I’ve scheduled dates after 15 minutes of an IM conversation with no phone call!  You can take a long process to meet a girl if you want, but who has that much time to kill?  There is nothing keeping you from deciding you want a hot date tomorrow, logging on, and finding a girl to take out within a half hour.  It’s so easy and efficient, you’ll wonder why you even bother hitting the bars for girls anymore!

               Daniel Goldberg Success with Jdate.  Get Jewish Women Now

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Now that we’ve got some myths out of the way, let me tell you some of the cold, hard facts about Jdate and other Jewish online services.  You’re not going to like these, but we have to get them out of the way:

FACT!  Even mildly attractive women can receive 50 emails a day on Jdate.  Your message is one of many and will likely not be read.

FACT!  Even if a girl wants to read your email, most of the time she can’t, if she’s not a paying member.

FACT!  There are dozen qualities that men routinely put in their profiles that make women not want to spend a minute getting to know them, even if the guys look like GQ models.  Some of these even sound good to you at the time, but women would rather date a vagrant than a man with any of these qualities.

FACT! Most men, even if they make contact, will end up getting stuck in the “online buddy” zone, and will only get to hear about the other guys she’s dating.

How do we deal with these cold, hard facts?  We work around them.

In Success with JDate and other Jewish Dating Services I teach you:

       How to take and pick four photos that say nothing but great things about you.

       How to actually “be yourself” in your profile, and not sound like you’re
             writing a romance novel.

        Sneaky ways to “accidently” let a woman know that you have other girls in
             your life, even if it isn’t true,

       How to take a woman out for 30-60 minutes and make her feel like she’s
             been out with you three times already.  Sex is ok on the third date, right? 

       How to schedule 3-5 dates a week with minimal effort and phone time.  No
             boring 2-hour “getting to know you” sessions.  20 minutes at most, and she’s
             hot to see you the next day.

       Spend no more than $5 on any first date, yet still get the results you’d
             expect  from taking her to a whopping 4-star dinner and theater show.

       Get the woman to meet you at your place every time, without ever having to
             drive to see her.  This’ll help you pack in those multiple dates a day if you

       Be making out with your date within 30 minutes of meeting, and have her
             somehow feel it “just happened.”

       Use the “Nice Jewish Boy” stereotype to your advantage.  You’ll fly under 
             the radar and by the time she realizes you’re a wolf, you’re already in the 

       Know exactly what to say when asked “Are you religious?” The answer                      could make or break you.

I’ll be quite honest with you. 

Some of this stuff is very sneaky; some of it is even unfair.  With Success with Jdate and other Jewish Dating Services, you have an intricate methodology that lets you create a quick date strategy, get the result you want, and repeat it again, and again, and again.  You can improvise it every time you want, or you can make it a routine system where the date stays the same and only the woman changes. 

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Now I know what you’re asking, “What’s the damage here Dan? What will it cost to transform my experience with women?”

Now let’s see…

For saving you gas money from not having to drive to take her out, even more cash from spending under $5 on each date, and saving your cell phone minutes by keeping the chit-chat time to a minimum, even if I wasn’t promising you an ENDLESS supply of dates to you door, quick easy makeouts, and choice in relationships, I’d say I’m saving you a fair amount of cash.  Added with the possible relationship benefits, it’s pretty clear that this could get just a little pricey...

My accountant, Jerry (another great Jew), said, “Dan, with all this value, we shouldn’t make this an ebook.  We need to record an audio series and charge $350 for it!” 

That sounded like a good move to me.  But before I bought all that expensive equipment and hired distributors and manufacturers, I thought it would be more sensible to “test” this baby out to see if the market was hungry for this type of action. 

So I wrote an ebook packed with all my secrets and tips that I’d been saving for the audio series.  My heart and soul went into it.  Hours and hours went into making sure that any man, whether novice or expert with women, would unequivocally know how to go from seeing a girl’s pretty picture on a profile to having her on (or in) his bed. 

Even though my accountant insisted that we go directly to audio, I told him where to stick it, and decided to put this book out.  We agreed that as soon as we get enough copies sold to justify recording, we’d pull the ebook off the internet “shelves” forever and get to work making our much more expensive audio course.

Until then, what to price it?

Jerry tersely told me, “They’re getting all the content of our audio ahead of time, we should charge at least $150 for it.” 

Honestly, I should probably charge the same amount as for the audio course, $350, because it is, frankly, the same information.  It just so happens that CD sets sell for much more than ebooks.

We finally brought it down to

He said he’d kill me if I sold it for any lower, because he gets a commission for running the whole thing. 

With all the money we’re saving the Jewish population, and all the women we’re bringing to lonely Jewish guys, a little under $70 is more than fair. 

But for a limited time, I’m slicing it in almost half.  I’m never gonna hear the end of this from Jerry, but it’s the beginning of the launch, so I want this product to start with a bang!

It is just….. $69.95... $39.95 for Success with Jdate and other Jewish Dating Services

This is only for a little bit, trust me, so act now, before it goes back to the regular 70 bucks it deserves.

Oh, and of course you have some time to look it over, risk-free, and get a refund if you don't like it.  Most places offer a 30 day guarantee, which is more than fair.  However, I'm so confident that you'll absolutely love this product that I'm going to give you an....


Eight whole weeks for you to take your sweet time soaking it in.  At the time of this writing, I have to say that I have not had a return yet, so don’t be surprised if you end up telling all your friends about how your love life is soaring.  So sign up now for instant download access

Get hot Jewish girls

P.S. -- I'm not kidding about the limited time of getting this ebook.  Once there is enough profit to justify going into the studio, it is all audio from here!  Order now while it's still a PDF file!!

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